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Our health screening tests and packages cover a wide and comprehensive list of test profiles. Following is our Test Profile Index.

Helicobacter pylori IgG 幽门螺旋菌抗体检验

Detects antibodies to the bacteria and will not distinguish previous infection from a current one. If test is negative, then it is unlikely that a person has had an H. pylori infection. If ordered and positive, results should be confirmed using Urea breath test (UBT).

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (Anti-HBs) B型肝炎抗原

A person who recovers completely from a hepatitis B infection or had a successful hepatitis B immunization will have Anti-HBs. The level of Anti-HBs will decrease with time. Those who acquire the Anti-HBS through immunization will require a booster dose if the level falls below 100 mIU/ml.

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBs Ag) B型肝炎抗体

HBs Ag is a part of the capsule of the hepatitis B virus and if positive represents hepatitis B infection. If the liver enzymes are normal, the person is a carrier of hepatitis B. If the enzymes are high for more than a few months, that person is suffering from chronic hepatitis B. Both groups have a higher risk of liver cancer than the normal population.

hs-C Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) 高敏感度-C反应蛋白

A protein found in the blood and identified as a principle clinical marker for systemic inflammation which means its presence indicates a heightened state of inflammation in the body.

Ketone 酮类

Ketones are present in urine of persons after acute starvation or patients with severe diabetes mellitus.

LDL Cholesterol 低脂胆固醇

This is the bad cholesterol as it helps in the deposition of cholesterol in the wall of blood vessels. High level of LDL cholesterol is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease.

MCH (Mean corpuscular hemoglobin) 平均红血球血色蛋白量

A calculation of the amount of oxygen carrying hemoglobin inside your red blood cells (RBC). Since macrocytic RBCs are larger than either normal or microcytic RBCs, they would also tend to have higher MCH values.

MCHC (Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration) 平均红血球血色蛋白浓度

A calculation of the percentage of hemoglobin in the RBCs. Decreased values point to Hypochromasia (decreased oxygen) - carrying capacity because decreased haemoglobin inside the cells. Hypochromasia is seen in iron deficiency anemia and in Thalassaemia.

MCV – (Mean Corpuscular volume) 平均红血球容积

A measurement of the average size of the red blood cells (RBC). The MCV is elevated when RBCs are larger than normal (macrocytic) for example in anemia caused by B12 and Folic acid deficiency. When MCV is decreased, the RBC is smaller than normal (microcytic) such as seen in iron deficiency anaemia. Very low level indicates chronic blood loss.

Peripheral Blood Film (PBF) 血片检验

A thin smear is made of the blood, stained with special dye and examined under the microscope. The normal red blood cells are described as normochromic(normal colour) and normocytic (normal size).


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