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Exclusive Health Screening Services for Alliance@Work Clients

A healthy employee is a valuable resource for any organization. Due to busy work schedule, employees may not have the time for regular check-ups. This is where an organisation like yourself together with Pathlab may develop a beneficial employee health screening program to identify any serious health issue so that it can be cured at the an early stage. In short, a screening program will create a healthy environment at workplace.

With more than 60 years of experience, we have a professional team with proven processes for as few as 30 and as many as 3,000 employee screening at one time. To date, Pathlab has helped screened more than 2,000 satisfied companies.

Pathlab’s Health Screening Packages for Alliance Work

Group Profile Name & Tests Usual Price
Corporate Price
1 Pathlab General Profile (Appendix) 220.00/person 90.00/person
2 Pathlab General Plus Profile I (Appendix)
+ GGT- Liver Damage Indicator
+ HPYL- Screening for Helicobacter Pylori
300.00/person 120.00/person
3 Pathlab General Plus Profile II (Appendix)
+ GGT- Liver Damage Indicator
+ HPYL- Screening for Helicobacter Pylori
+ CRP- Heart Disease Risk Factor
+ CEA- Screening for Colorectal Cancer
+ CA199- Screening for Gastrointestinal Cancer
+ HAVG- Hepatitis A Antibody Screen
425.00/person 180.00/person


Terms & conditions:

  • On-site service (phlebotomy & report explanation) will be provided with minimum of 30 persons at your appointed date and venue.
  • Service Charge: RM150 will be imposed should the minimum of 30 person is not met.
  • Payment: Cash or Cheque payable to PATHOLOGY & CLINICAL LABORATORY (M) SDN BHD upon testing.
  • This quotation is valid for 1 month from the quotation date.
  • Pathlab reserves the right to revise the prices and offers.

Contact Person:

Janet Ong Mei Ling
Assistant Manager –Project & Corporate Sales


Haematology 血液研究
ESR 红血球沉淀率
Total RBC 红血球
Haemoglobin 红血素
Packed Cell Volume 红血球容积量
MCV 平均红血球容积
MCH 平均红血球血色蛋白量
MCHC 平均红血球血色蛋白浓度
Platelet Count 血小板
Total White Blood Cell 白血球
Differential Count 分类计数
Peripheral Blood Film 血片检验
Diabetes Screening 血糖检验
Glucose 葡萄糖
Renal Function 肾脏检验
Urea 尿素
Creatinine 肌氨酸酐
Calcium 钙
Inorganic Phosphate 无机磷
Uric Acid 尿酸
Sodium 钠
Potassium 钾
Chloride 氯
eGFR (Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate) 估计肾小球过滤率
Lipid Profile 冠状动脉检验
Total Cholesterol 总数胆固醇
HDL Cholesterol 高脂胆固醇
LDL Cholesterol 低脂胆固醇
Triglycerides 三酸甘油脂
Total/HDL Ratio 总/高脂胆固醇比率
Liver Function Tests 肝脏检验
Total Protein 总蛋白质
Albumin 白蛋白
Globulin 球蛋白
Albumin/Globulin Ratio 白蛋白/球蛋白比率
Total Bilirubin 胆红素
Alkaline Phosphatase 碱性酸磷酶
SGOT (AST) 麸氨酸草乙酶
SGPT (ALT) 麸氨酸丙酮酶
Serology 血清检验
Blood Grouping 血型
VDRL 梅毒检验
RA Factor 风湿关节炎因子
Thyroid Screening 甲状腺检验
T4  游离甲状腺素
Hepatitis Screening 肝炎检验
Hepatitis Bs Antigen B型肝炎抗原
Hepatitis Bs Antibody B型肝炎抗体
Tumour Markers 肿瘤标志检验
AFP (Liver Cancer Screening) 肝胎蛋白质
Urine Examination 尿液检验
Urine Appearance 外表
Urine Colour 颜色
Urine Ph 反应
Urine Protein 蛋白质
Urine Glucose 糖
Urine Ketone 酮类
Urine Blood 血液
Urine WBC 脓细胞
Urine RBC 红血球
Urine Epithelial Cells 上皮细胞
Urine Crystal 尿液结晶
Urine Cast 尿液柱体


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