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Health Screening Packages

Besides the individual health screening profiles offered, we have various health screening packages for couples and families. You can choose the various packages to share or gifted to your loved ones. Each package is specially designed with your needs, requirements and budget in mind. What better way to show that you really care for their well being with their health?

Pathlab Platinum Deluxe Healthcare
(For the Family, More Comprehensive)

4 pax with validity of three years

Pathlab Platinum Deluxe Healthcare is designed as a shared family package that offers a comprehensive health screening to assess the overall health and well-being of individuals.

When you purchase Pathlab Platinum Deluxe Healthcare, you will receive 26 health screening vouchers together with a RM50 Cash Voucher in this comprehensive pack. On top of that, the purchaser will also get to enjoy three (3) years of complimentary unlimited access to selected follow-up health tests. This allows you to undergo specific follow-up tests as frequently as needed or recommended within the period without incurring additional charges for each test. This feature is part the comprehensive healthcare plan that allows ongoing monitoring, preventive care, cost savings, convenience, and flexibility for you.

All the vouchers are transferrable. With our 0% Interest Installment Payment Plan, monitoring your health is more affordable and you gain more value for long run.

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