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Why Health Screen?

The Importance of Health Screening

Health screening or blood test is a major part of many routine medical examinations. While doctors are able to make fairly accurate diagnosis by assessing the signs and symptoms a patient exhibits, one of the best ways to confirm the diagnosis is through blood tests. For a healthy person, health screening could also detect abnormalities that the person is not aware of and provide important information for diagnosis, treatment or preventive measures for illnesses and diseases.


Therefore, getting regular health checkups, preventive screening tests are among the most crucial things you can do for yourself. Periodic health screenings can help you and your health care professional identify health problems early, when treatment may be more successful compared to if the problems are detected later.

Lifestyle changes are a very effective way to substantially reduce risk but to make those changes, you first need to know if you are at risk. Knowledge gives you the power to take charge of your health. Remember, your health is your greatest asset and early detection can save lives!

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