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Calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth, normal clotting of blood and muscle contraction. Low levels are due to poor dietary intake and a number of medical conditions.
Casts are formed in the kidney tubules from protein filtered from the blood. They are present in larger numbers in kidney disorders associated with protein in the urine. A few casts may be seen in urine of normal people especially after exercise.
Cholesterol (Total)
High blood cholesterol is due to excessive intake of cholesterol rich food and increased synthesis by the liver. High blood cholesterol leads to increased deposition in the blood vessel wall resulting in narrowing and subsequently blockage/atherosclerosis. Blood levels above 200mg/dl or 5.2 mmol/l is associated with increased risk of atherosclerosis and this risk rises with increasing levels.
Blood creatinine level depends on the balance between the production and the excretion. Creatinine is produced by creatine breakdown (muscle). It is influenced by the muscle mass of a person but not by dietary factors. High levels are seen in kidney diseases.
The urine contains many substances in solution and depending on the reaction of the urine, they can become insoluble and form crystals. If crystals are present in large amounts and for prolonged periods, stone formation may occur.
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